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Some of our Satisfited Clients


"As a builder, I take a lot of care in how my homes come together.  I twique my homes with architectural changes, a variety of paint colors, exotic granites and so forth.  In a highly competitive market, you need an edge, something to make you more appealing.  Sometimes, though, those things are not enough.  Sometimes, a home has to be set up so that a potential buyer can walk in and, rather than having to use their imagination inside an empty shell, actually see how a home can come together.  This is where staging can make all the difference.  And, this is how I met Melissa Emily.  I was touring some high dollar homes in Clarksville, trying to keep an eye on the competition and getting some ideas on how to improve my product as well.  Most of the properties had been staged, the usual stuff, a couch here a love seat there, maybe a couple of colored pillows or a vase with plastic flowers...just the same old stuff.   And then I walked into a house being hosted by Melissa Emily....what a difference!  As soon as I walked through the front door I was impressed.  Select items of furniture had been strategically placed to accentuate the appeal of each room.  Colors had been coordinated to create a comfortable flow, each subtle change blending with the next creating a continual comfort zone.  Various items of artwork adorned the walls or counters or end tables, each interesting and contributing to the overall "wow factor".  And, of course, there were the scents... I'm not talking the standard "baking cookies" in the kitchen routine, but more refined, more subtle...something that teased your memory, in a pleasing manner, but not really defined.  And so, I found, this was what successful staging was all about.  Not overwhelming, not boring, but sophisticated and thoughtful without pretense.  A stroke above the rest, and that's the competitive edge I've been talking about.  Great job"

don carroll / builder & General contractor / home staging & Interior design


"Melissa is very professional, attentive to detail and very easy to work with. Melissa is extremely honest with her clients, I can highly recommend her to anyone seeking a truly professional Home Stager & Interior Stylist. We are very happy the results from our first virtual commercial project together based in Hawaii and have worked with her since then virtually on another Virtual Commercial Project as well as our New Home in Washington. We couldn't have been more pleased with the service. We thank you for the time and effort you spent with us, making our first experience as easy as it was! 

kina parks /  Satisfied client  / virtual consultation


"As I recently moved to a new home I felt lost and overwhelmed.  I did not know where to start when it came to decorating our home; the only thing I knew was that I wanted brightness throughout the house.  It is very easy to go out and just buy what is convenient and affordable however this time around I was determined to have a cohesive style throughout our new home that implement the HGTV style that I so admire.  I instantly reached out to Melissa Emily as I know she has an eye for décor and can instantly transform any room/ home. Her modern yet affordable sense of style is something we all need. Melissa knows exactly what the people what to see and feel when walking into a home.  She is attentive and listens to your needs. Both my husband and I love her personal touch and staging expertise ,with all of her detail and ideas she was able to combine our styles to transform our home into a place we both can host our friends and family."

Elva Diaz /  Satisfied client  / Virtual Consultation


"I had the pleasure of Co-Listing several homes that were staged by Melissa Emily. I was impressed with Melissa's keen eye for detail and her taste in style. For each home we listed, she turned blank canvases into distinctive master pieces that received overwhelming reviews. I highly recommend her due to her superior work ethic, undying commitment and effective communication skills."

aaron moore, principal broker /  Satisfied business partner  / home staging


"Melissa’s eye for design is a true art. She’s able to bring your ideas to life and then some. My favorite part of her staging is the way she makes a room feel incredibly elegant, while still giving you a homey and comfortable feel. Melissa is easy to work with and I can’t wait to create some more magic with her in the future."

melissa flores /  Online content creator  / home staging


Melissa’s sense of style is so unique. Any room she decors looks so warm and inviting. All the pieces she gets look good on their own but once she puts it all together, the end result is beautiful. You can tell she puts her heart and soul into every room with all the unique ideas and different options. Every room is so inspiring and makes me want to redo my entire space.

lizette checo /  interior design enthusiast  / home staging & interior design